The first USA outpost after hotels in Hong-Kong and Beijing, East Miami is located in the city centre Brickell district. Designed like fully equipped apartments the hotel comes with 352 guestrooms including residence suites of up to three-bedrooms fitted with state-of-the-art technology and balconies overlooking the city.

pool - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST eastsuite_1 -EAST MIAMI - MTRLST bay-king_bathroom - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST eastsuite_ EAST MIAMI - MTRLST eastsuite_bathroom - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST

The hotel  also comes with stand-out foodie options like Quinto la Huella, the first outpost of the hit beachfront Uruguay restaurant, where star dishes include smoky wood fire parilla including signature Bifo angosto (14oz Uruguayan grass-fed beef) and succulent wood baked langoustine with curried potatoes. For something closer to East’s roots, the sleek candle-lit Sugar, an open-air garden hideaway on the 40th floor, offers cocktails and Asian inspired lip-smacking fare like glazed beef satay and boneless Korean chicken wings, served alongside killer Miami skyline vistas.

quinto40persondiningroom - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST quintolahuella_breakfast - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST quinto_terrace- EAST MIAMI - MTRLST quintolahuella_dinner - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST sugar_ EAST MIAMI - MTRLST sugar - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST sugar -EAST MIAMI - MTRLST sugar_ EAST MIAMI - MTRLST sugar - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST domain_night - EAST MIAMI - MTRLST

For a daytime holiday experience, guests can sit back in a deck chair under one of the cheerful orange umbrellas sprinkled around the cluster of turquoise pools up on the rooftop.


Images courtesy of  East Miami



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