Henrik Vibskov  joined force  again with DEDICATE Magazine & KISU PR  for throwing  this Insanity at  Mona Lisa, the new spot in town. The Vibsters and scandies lovers enjoyed the night with shit loads of Russian Standard Vodka, Hendricks Gin, and the sweet support of  Finley  until  5 o’clock in the morning.


hv img_3479 img_3511 img_3512 img_3515 img_3545 img_3583 img_3584 img_3595 img_3645 img_3596 img_3610 img_3615 img_3637 img_3640 img_3663 img_3665 img_3674 img_3686 img_3715

Images courtesy of  TendaysinParis / Alek Kata



Written by Harvey

First and foremost, Harvey is an epicurean…! "There are men whose portrait is difficult to weave". Such is the case of Harvey, enigmatic figure that multiplies roles. Countributing editor & Events planner for DEDICATE Magazine, Founder of KISU agency, co-founder of and DJ.

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