During three weeks, Oscar Comtet the owner of  Hotel Particulier Montmartre, opened the doors with the complicity of  Pierart brothers, and invited  friends, happy few & Paris lovers to party and discover  the beautiful Family House. Stay tuned for the next session.

Facade-jardins-apres-midi-Hotel-Particulier-Montmartre-Credit-Photo-Jefferson-Lellouche OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Le-Mois-Particulier-Les-Maitres-Barbiers-Perruquiers_06© 3.Junior-Superior-Suite-Poems-and-Hats-Hotel-Particulier-Montmartre-credit-photo-Jefferson-Lellouche2 Bar-Le-Tres-Particulier-Hotel-Particulier-Montmartre-credit-photo-Liza-b Deluxe Suite overview-Cosy Parisian style- Hôtel Particulier Montmartre Le_Mois_Particulier_19mars_120© Le_Mois_Particulier_25mars_14© Le_Mois_Particulier_26mars_14© Le_Mois_Particulier_26mars_19© Le_Mois_Particulier_26mars_58© Le_Mois_Particulier_26mars_59© Le_Mois_Particulier_26mars_130© paul-fargier-bar-le-tres-particulier-credit-photo-victor-malecot-ten-days-in-paris

©shehanhanwellage – Mesdemoiselles – Victor Malecot – Jefferson-Lellouche


Hotel Particulier Montmartre, 23 Avenue Junot, 75018 Paris

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