Whats your name, Age ?

My name is Solveiga, and I’m 22 years old.

 Where are you now ?

In Lithuania , it’s near the Baltic Sea

Whats your profession ?

Well.. I’m one of the chairman’s and share holder of real estate company.


 Your favorite band / Artist ?

Dvicio, Alvaro Soler. Also Maxi Espindola and Agustín Bernasconi, I think they make good covers in spanish language. As you see I love spanish music and spanish guys! 😀 

Which Word can describe you ?

One word can’t describe me. I can’t choose one word, because you would ask me to lie and good girls don’t lie!

Last movie you watch ? u like it ?

Last time I watched movie in outdoor cinema. It was a french movie, called “Tristesse Club” and I loved it!

Water or Champagne ?

Water, please! 

Chocolate or Vanilla ?


Where would you live ? Paris , New York, L.A  ?

I would like to live where is warm throughout the year, beaches and plenty of palm trees. Any exotic country. Maybe it’s Bali.


Any Celeb crush ?

I’ve never been a big fan of any celebrities ever. And now I can say the same thing. I just like to take a look at Jay Alvarrez videos because he travels a lot around the world.

When was your first kiss ? Can you tell more ?

As I remember I was 16 years old. And my first kiss was with guy who was deeply in love with me. But I’m not.. Oops.. I feel bad for him right now.  I think I still have his letter for me. 😀 

For the bed time, you are Topless or Naked ?

Sometimes topless, sometimes naked, but during the summer I like to sleep naked.

Whats your secret ?

(everybody has one) If I tell you my secret, it will no longer be a secret.

Would you mind to share your IG ?

I would love to share my instagram with readers.

Whats the best time to visit your country and which city ?

The best time to visit my country is autumn. Because we have a lot of nature, and in autumn you can see many colorful trees. I live in Kaunas, and I admire it. Kaunas has a wonderful old town, a lot of nature, where you can calmly take a stroll and drink a hot cup of tea.

 Most of the gurls are cool cute like you ?

Every girl is cute in her own way.


©Images courtesy of Solveiga

Written by Harvey

First and foremost, Harvey is an epicurean…! "There are men whose portrait is difficult to weave". Such is the case of Harvey, enigmatic figure that multiplies roles. Contributor for Materialiste Paris, founder of KISU agency, journalist for DEDICATE Magazine, co-founder of and DJ.

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